Let Quality Be Your Guide

When looking for care for your parent that is long term beware of superficial beauty and look for the most important aspect of care – quality. This doesn’t mean financial quality like getting the most bang for your buck. I’m talking about making sure they will take care of your parent.

There are many beautiful facilities out there and there are some downright hideous facilities. And oftentimes children to the eldercare scene get caught up in the trap the good looks equal good care. Unfortunately this isn’t always true. I’m not saying however that good looks don’t equal good care. What I’m saying is just to repeat an old adage : ” Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Don’t feel that your’e cheating your parent if you don’t get them into the ritziest looking place. It’s a fear. An irrational guild. And it will sideline you if you get caught up in it’s trap.

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