About Me

Dear Reader,

My name is Jeremy Smith and I started ExcellenceInEldercare as a way to personally understand the rules and regulations that govern nursing homes. It was important to me because after working in healthcare for more than a decade-the majority of the time in nursing homes-I knew that I couldn’t fully appreciate everything going on around me unless I understood the rules.

I discovered something interesting along the way though. There are consultants for nursing homes, ombudsman for nursing home residents, and a never-ending supply of training available for nursing home staff. But the consumer that is overlooked the most is the loved ones and family members of those nursing home residents.

To make matters worse most of the resources that are available are full of misinformation, outdated, or, at best, incomplete. In a world of information overload and hectic schedules, who has the time to sort through all of that?

That’s why I’m here. I am committed to providing this “sandwich generation” of loved ones with high quality resources: high quality resources aimed at empowering you to secure the best care for your loved one.

Please allow me to allay your fears and help you get the care that you want for your loved one. Sign up for the email list and I’ll provide you with the tools necessary to do just that. Won’t it be nice to visit at the nursing facility or the assisted living facility without having to worry about what goes on when you’re not there? Won’t it be awesome to spend time with your spouse, children, or friends without having your mind consumed with the guilt of your loved one staying in a nursing home?

If this sounds great to you, then sign up for the email list to your right and let’s get started…

Warmest Regards,

P.S. By “sandwich generation” I am referring to those family members who are actively raising children, nurturing a career, planning for retirement, and are now having to care for a parent or older loved one full time as well. If this describes your situation even minutely, then please sign up here to be placed on our mailing list and receive a FREE report…no gimmicks.

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